Introducing QuickClick

The QuickClick system allows users to switch between arms and accessories “click” into the matching plate, locking them in place.  To release, both levers need to be squeezed together to unlock the QuickClick system preventing accidental release.

Find the perfect pairing of arms and accessories. Explore components on their own, or check out an Evaluation Kit. They offer a bit of everything, so you can find the QuickClick system in its entirety.

Quickly Adapt

Modular Plastic Arm

Designed for light weight applications, Modular Plastic Arms provide the ultimate mounting experience in flexibility and adjustability.

Great for small objects like commnication switches, small cameras, and phones.

Modular Metal Arm

Light weight, aluminum sections make up the versatile Modular Metal Arm. They are great for creating custom solutions, with the ability to lock securely into place and reliably hold your items.

Make for light to medium weight applications.

Flexible Steel Arms

Straightforward and simple to use, Flexible Steel Arms are available in different lengths with the integrated QuickClick system.

Two different strengths are available, providing a wide range of support for different personal items.

Pair with Accessories

Complete your MOGO arm with a QuickClick accessory. Includes mounting options for tablets, phones, switches, and more.

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