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We’ve got tips and tricks for working with your MOGO system, and preserving it in good condition.

Browse our collection of resources that apply to MOGO and the QuickClick System. Videos displaying how to assemble and understand our parts and accessories, Brochures with a full display of our most popular kits and details, and Care + Use Guides with a layout for everyday upkeep.

Print Resources

Browse the MOGO collection of print resources.

Take an in-depth look at the MOGO Brochure or full Assistive Technology product catalog, and learn how to make you life even MORE accessible. Care and Use Guides available offer tips and tricks on how to keep your setup in best working practice, and break down the pieces so you can see how they work.

Check out resources here, as well as translations available for each.

Care + Use Guide

Translations coming soon!

Assistive Technology Product Collection

Translations coming soon!

MOGO Brochure

Translations coming soon!

Care + Use Guide

Check out the Mogo Mounts Care & Use Guide for system details, and how best to care for them.

MOGO Brochure

MOGO Brochure

Check out the brochure with the full line of MOGO products, and a peek into what the world of QuickClick.

AT Product Collection

View our full Assistive Technology product line featuring products from ModularHose and Giraffe Bottle.

Sample Use Cases

Take a look at how MOGO arms and accessories can be combined, hopefully it gives some inspiration for your future setup!


Modular Plastic Assembly

MOGO phone holder with modular plastic mount on a bike.
Required components for this assembly:

  • (1) QuickClick Mini-clamp – #201515
  • (1) Modular Plastic Arm – #213308
  • (1) QuickClick Phone Holder – #201545


    Flexible Steel Assembly

    MOGO tablet holder with flexible steel arm on a stroller.
    Required components for this assembly:

    • (1) QuickClick Mini-clamp – #201515
    • (1) Med. Flexible Steel Arm – #212224
    • (1) QuickClick Tablet Holder – #201541
    MOGO Sample Use Case #3


    Modular Metal Assembly

    MOGO QuickClick bottle holder with modular metal arm on a wheelchair. 
    Required components for this assembly:

    • (1) QuickClick Rail Bracket – #201591
    • (1) Modular Metal Kit #1 – #211011
      • (2) Ball to QuickClick
      • (2) 2 Ball Joint Clamps
      • (1) 8″ Double Ball Arm
    • (1) QuickClick Bottle Holder – #201561
    *Featured with the Giraffe Bottle Hands Free Drinking Solution – available at: www.giraffebottle.com

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