Modular Plastic Arm

The Mogo modular plastic arm is the ultimate in mounting flexibility and adjustability. It’s bendable, poseable, and modular.

Designed for light-weight applications, the modular plastic arm is made up of a series of plastic beads and each can bend independently and even be popped apart, creating a customized support arm.  It is great for holding small objects and light weight devices such as communication switches, small cameras, phones, and more. 

Tablets can be supported with the 8″ modular plastic arm or longer arms if kept vertical (a two arm version is available).  Compatible with the system.


Modular Plastic Arm
W/ QuickClick

Designed for light weight applications. Each bead is designed to pop apart if desired allowing for a customized solution.

8″/20cm : #213308 | $33
14″/35cm : #213314 | $39
20″/50cm : #213320 | $44


Dual Modular Plastic Arm
W/ QuickClick

20″ Dual arms allow for modular plastic arms to hold more weight. Integrated Y adapter creates a bridge-mounted setup. Includes 3 QuickClick fittings.

20″/51cm : #213348 | $78

Customize Your Setup

Because Modular Plastic Arms are made up of individual beads, it can be customized and added onto as needed. Add an extra arm, make it longer/shorter/ or replace components to keep them fresh!

If you’re having trouble putting Modular Plastic pieces together, we recommend this handy Assembly Tool.

This optional accessory eases the assembly process, locking pieces together with a ‘pop’. We’re also happy to assist if you’re having additional issues, so feel free to reach out!

*Does not assembly the male end of the Y adapter fitting or the QuickClick adapter. 

Pair with Accessories

Complete your MOGO arm with a QuickClick accessory. Includes mounting options for tablets, phones, switches, and more.

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