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The MOGO Mounting Solution is designed to offer a variety of uniquely flexible options for mounting. With three mounting arms to choose from, you'll have the ability to select a configuration that meets your exact needs. In addition, the integrated QuickClick feature allows you to easily swap out accessory-ends quickly. Plus, with QuickClick being a standard feature on all MOGO products, all MOGO accessories will work with any of the three MOGO arm options.

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Sample Use-Cases

mogo on bike

MOGO phone holder with modular metal mount on a bike
Required components for this assembly:

  • QuickClick Mini-clamp (#201515)
  • (2) Ball to QuickClick (#211901)
  • (1) 2-Ball Joint Clamp (#211911)
  • QuickClick Phone Holder (#201545)

  • mogo on stroller holding phone

    MOGO phone holder with flexible steel arm on a stroller
    Required components for this assembly:

  • QuickClick Mini-clamp (#201515)
  • Medium 12 inch Flexible Arm (#212212)
  • QuickClick Phone Holder (#201545)

  • mogo with giraffe bottle on wheelchair

    MOGO QuickClick Bottle Holder
    Required components for this assembly:(base not pictured - multiple options available)

  • Modular Metal Kit 1 (#211011)
  • QuickClick Bottle Holder (#201561)

  • Featured with the Giraffe Bottle Hands Free Drinking Solution - available at: www.giraffebottle.com

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