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Modular Metal

mogo steps modular metal features

The MOGO Modular Metal arm is great for creating a custom solution. The double ball arms offers a great range of flexibility to create a variety of different set-ups. Easily add length with extra clamps and arms or remove sections to maintain a shorter configuration. The modular metal arm-style accommodates for mounting around sharp angles. With the ball-joints, you can easily work around objects or obstacles for optimal positioning. Each section is made from aluminum, keeping the arm light weight. Adjustments can be made quickly by loosening clamp to reposition.

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  1. mogo modular metal kit 1
    Modular Metal Kit 1

    MOGO Modular Metal Kit 1
    Overall Length 16"
    2-QuickClick Connectors
    1-8" Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211011

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  2. mogo modular metal kit 2
    Modular Metal Kit 2

    MOGO Modular Metal Kit 2
    Overall Length 21"
    2-QuickClick Connectors
    1-8" Double Ball Arm
    1-4" Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211012

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  3. mogo modular metal kit 3
    Modular Metal Kit 3

    MOGO Modular Metal Kit 3
    Overall Length 28"
    2-QuickClick Connectors
    1-8" Double Ball Arm
    1-6" Double Ball Arm
    1-4" Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211013

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  4. 4 inch double ball arm
    4" Double Ball Arm

    4 inch Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211104

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  5. 6 inch double ball arm
    6" Double Ball Arm

    6 inch Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211106

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  6. 8" Double Ball Arm
    8" Double Ball Arm

    8 inch Double Ball Arm

    Part #: 211108

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  7. wheelchair rail mount
    Wheelchair Rail Mount

    QuickClick Wheelchair Rail Mount
    The QuickClick universal rail bracket allows for mounting directly to the chair providing a solid foundation for mounting. Works with Permobile, Quantum, and similar. Features the QuickClick system. Includes mounting hardware.

    Part #: 201591

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  8. ball to quickclick
    Ball to QuickClick

    Ball to QuickClick

    Part #: 211901

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  9. ball adapter product
    Ball Adapter
    Ball adapter that allows for mounting your own item to the 1/4"-20 hole. Learn More
  10. 2 ball joint
    2-Ball Joint Clamp

    2 Ball Joint Clamp

    Part #: 211911

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  11. 3 ball joint clamp
    3-Ball Joint Clamp

    3 Ball Joint Clamp

    Part #: 211913

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  12. Spring Clamp
    Spring Clamp

    Spring Clamp with QuickClick
    6" spring clamp with a 2" opening and heavy duty vinyl tips.

    Part #: 201511

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  13. mogo quickclick adjustable clamp
    Adjustable Clamp

    Adjustable Clamp with QuickClick
    This versatile clamp mounts to flat surfaces or round tubes. Jaw opens to 2".

    Part #: 201513

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  14. mogo quickclick mini clamp and phone holder
    Mini Clamp

    Mini Clamp with QuickClick
    This compact clamp is ideal for round tubes but also works on flat surfaces. Jaw opens to 1.5". Designed for light weight applications.

    Part #: 201515

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  15. mogo quickclick desktop base
    Desktop Base

    Desktop base with QuickClick
    Weighted base that is great for desks, tables, floors, and other flat surfaces.

    Part #: 201531

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  16. mogo quickclick tablet holder
    Tablet Holder

    Tablet Holder with QuickClick
    Adjustable tablet holder scales to hold virtually all tablets on their corners.

    Part #: 201541

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  17. Tablet Holder Deep V-Tabs
    Tablet Holder Deep V-Tabs

    Extra deep V-tabs for 570002 tabX™ Tablet Holder.
    Replace original V-Tabs with these wider versions for tablets that has a case or skin, up to .75" deep. Pack of 2.

    Part #: 570009

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  18. mogo quickclick phone holder
    Phone Holder

    Phone Holder with QuickClick
    Adjusts to most phones and cases. For devices 2.25" to 4" wide.

    Part #: 201545

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  19. quickclick bottle holder, giraffe bottle brand
    Giraffe Bottle™ Aluminum Bottle Holder

    Bottle Holder with QuickClick
    Aluminum bottle cage that can be adjusted to accommodate different bottles.

    Part #: 201561

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  20. mogo quickclick podium

    Podium with QuickClick
    This 8.5" x 11" podium/platform has a 1.5" lip for holding items in place.

    Part #: 201575

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  21. mogo quickclick mounting disc
    Mounting Disc - 3"

    Disc with QuickClick
    The flat 3" surface allows for easy attaching of a variety of items with the included velcro.

    Part #: 201571

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  22. mogo quickclick mounting plate
    Mounting Plate - 4" x 6"

    Plate with QuickClick
    The 4"x6" plate allows for a variety of items to be attached with the supplied 3M Dual Lock.

    Part #: 201573

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  23. mogo quickclick xbox adaptive controller mounting plate
    Adaptive Controller Mounting Plate

    QuickClick Adaptive Controller Mount
    This plate allows QuickClick compatibility with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller and includes screws for mounting.  The Xbox adaptive controller device is not included.

    Part #: 201574

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  24. Quickclick plate
    QuickClick Plate

    QuickClick Plate
    Attach the QuickClick connector to your own device such as a camera, switch, or more

    Part #: 201221

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